Collage Tips and Techniques

Collage Tips and Techniques

Looking for collage tips, tricks, techniques, links, info on materials, copyright details, or other collage resources?  You've come to the right place! My goal to make Twisted Vintage Studio a place where even the most experienced collage artist will find something new and useful.  


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What are some good vector image resources for making collages on Photoshop? 

 What are some other collage artists' websites that you would recommend?  

What type of glue is best for collage art? 

  Where can I find royalty free non-copyright vintage images to use in my collages?


Below are some great collage technique videos!  I've hand picked some of the best videos on the Internet for simple, easy-to-follow collage technique tutorials.  Every technique you learn is a new tool in your belt, and every technique here should inspire great new collages!  


"LAYERING WITH COLLAGE."  Basic tutorial video for layering collage elements.


"FOIL ART."  Awesome technique for making easy 3D foil effects.


"SPLASHING WATER." Splash-like texture effect for collage backgrounds.


"THE BUBBLE EFFECT TECHNIQUE."  Very cool 3D effect for adding neat textures to your collage.


"RESIST STAMPING TECHNIQUE."  Bone up on your fundamentals.  By TamiBrayer.


PHOTO TRANSFER USING MATTE MEDIUM-  This is a great, professional, thorough demonstration of transferring photos using easy materials.  PART ONE:


PHOTO TRANSFER USING MATTE MEDIUM- PART TWO.  As simple as photo transfer can get.


Are you learning yet???  Keep checking back for updates- this section is expanded at least once a month.

Want to request some special info?  Leave a comment!  Every question and comment will be responded to almost immediately, so don't be afraid to ask!