The Best Collage Artists of All Time: Mark Wagner

Written by Claudia


Matt Wagner 1

My son saw a recent art show by Mark Wagner in a New York City gallery and sent me this link.  Well, I think Mark's pieces are amazing!  Some of these collages are big, with the longest ones standing up to about 4 feet tall,  and they are made entirely of actual U.S. currency.  If you can't tell, dollar bills have been cut up into little pieces and then rearranged to make new images.  The medium is the message. 

Someone once told me that it was illegal to cut up U.S. currency?  That's probably just a myth, but if it's true, it sure didn't stop Mark Wagner from doing these amazing collages.  It may be a little early to call this young artist one of the best collage artists of all time, but he definitely gives us a "why didn't I think of that moment."  I guess I didn't think of that because I didn't want to cut up all of my money, but Mark Wager makes me wish that I had.  For that feat alone, he might deserve a place among the 10 most amazing collage artists of all time.  

But the thing that really sells him is his virtuosic technical ability.  As someone who's done a lot of cutting over the years, I'd say that these pieces took a very long time to cut out!  They've been done to absolute perfection, and I can say that the sheer amount of work that went into these collages' construction is very impressive and inspirational.  Even if you don't see yourself doing collages made entirely out of real money anytime in the near future, you can still learn a valuable lesson from the great technical dedication that went into the construction of these pieces.

For about 100 more of Mark's awesome collages, check out his site:  smoke in my dreams.