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About Twisted Vintage Studio

Written by Claudia

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Twisted Vintage has evolved since it’s beginning in 2001. The name was suggested by one of my friends who was handling my collages in her shop. She said my combination of vintage images had a bit of quirky sophistication to them.  She said they were Twisted Vintage. I liked the name and it stuck.

I began the initial Twisted Vintage web site in 2001-not to sell my collages but just to display them. I didn’t know about blogging then (maybe there were none) and wanted to show my work.  I continued to make and sell small collages in shops for several years, but after a while worked on them less and less and my collage studio became my son’s painting studio.

Then I discovered mixed media collage and began doing things that were more three dimensional. I didn’t add the works to the Twisted Vintage web site, but exhibited a few in local art competitions instead.

Recently I have begun making bracelets from unusual found beads and charms. This is a passion! I love the colors and patterns of the beads and it is very soothing to choose the perfect combination of colors and shapes.

Today’s Twisted Vintage has become Twisted Vintage Studio!  Thanks to my web developer Joshua Gipson, we've upgraded and expanded the original Etsy site to be an all purpose art home including a shop, gallery, and collage art blog.  Thanks to the expanded site, I'm also able to include all of my new art passions as soon as I create them.  Currently, I'm working on handmade bracelets and new collages to expand my collection of greeting cards for any occasion.  I’ll continue to add new work as new art is created.

Thank you for visiting Twisted Vintage Studio!