Nick Bantock-The Artful Dodger

Written by Claudia

Can I claim a connection to Nick Bantock because I received an email from his studio assistant, Joyce Bantock (who I assumed was his wife, but now have no idea if she is or is not)?  I am going to say yes.


I have a connection.

I have a connection because I connect to Nick Bantock’s art.  If I could copy him I would…and I feel no qualms concerning this admission-which is how I came to receive an email from Joyce Bantock.   Mr. Bantock is offering a workshop in Spain this fall that I would give my eye tooth, as the saying goes, to attend.  However this year is not conducive to a trip to Spain.

But I must add him to my list of all time favorite contemporary collage artists…because he is an artist, an intellectual and a philosopher, who not only speaks with words and ideas, but with images.  However Mr. Bantock does not describe himself as a philosopher or academic.   In an interview for January magazine he stated, “No, I would say I'm a skeptic and that I have a lot of questions and am fascinated by everything. Look at it this way: I'm more like a cat that, introduced to a new house, goes sniffing around every corner. And then, when it finds a comfortable place, rests but never actually stays there. That's my attitude to the sort of philosophical arena."


















But I am getting too deeply into myself and my opinions.  More interesting are the art and books of Nick Bantock.  He’s written twenty books illustrated with his amazing images, but if you are interested in learning about his life, as well as seeing beautiful reproductions of his art, you must read The Artful Dodger: Images and Reflections.  Another must read is URGENT: Second Class. This book explains how he does his collage and is really inspirational.